While preparing for my exam and listening to Avril Lavigne, I decided to write this blog-post in one-go before my memories and thoughts regarding my recently passed birthday fade away. I will share few learning points that took me years to understand and will share how one feels while getting older. I asked my grand mother how does it feel to be grand-mother? Was it a long time duration or the longest transition from being a young girl to becoming my grand mother? She always replies with smile, “Can’t believe, it was too fast”. Does that mean, in this fast pace life, we have limited time that even going too fast; to achieve what we want in our life? I haven’t figured out the answer myself yet. There are and have been a lot of crooked transitions – but Thanks, all these are experiences. Now I will share Top 5 Points that I have learned during this journey of living, thinking, dreaming, experiencing and traveling!

Point No. 1

You think you are too young to do something. And eventually when you realize you should do that thing, you consider yourself too old for it. Time waits for none. If there’s something you really want to do, for example starting a campaign for a cause that interests you, the right time is now.

Point No. 2

By the time we achieve big big things in our lives, on the same time we are at the situation of loosing people close to us as they also grow exponentially to our age (just for giving an example). Before we don’t find the people too close to us with us on stage to cheer up for our achievements, the time is surely now to celebrate their presence, spend time with them, and feel their importance in life before it gets too late and that only regrets of taking back the time to that moment of celebration lasts.

Point No. 3

Trust me, if you are in high school; decide what you really want to do. Decide now! Figure out, what’s that best thing in you that makes you different from the rest of 7 billion people in world (I know that’s too clichéd but just to understand the intensity and importance of making choices, it may work as a stimulator). Think about it! Joining university with subject that won’t interest you is not a right choice. Some choices are surely to be made with critical thinking and in 3-D version (you can have your own definition for it).

Point No. 4

Celebrate MISTAKES (I don’t mean CLAP CLAP/Applause, rather learn), as they add a greater value and weight to our experiences.

Point No. 5

It took me a total of 23 minutes to write this blog post and a total of 22 years to understand them. There is no SHORTCUT other than HARD-WORK!


Oh Yes! That's my childhood!

Oh Yes! That’s my childhood!


          I was randomly thinking one day about hobbies, and thought how it would look if we create our own hobbies.
Activity during TYR activity: Green EduCycle Zone

Activity during TYR activity: Green EduCycle Zone

Throughout my student life (still I am on journey), I have experienced the reality of filling out bunch of forms. Sometimes for attending a conference, jumping in another school, or starting a college etc. We have to fill forms of different types. Thanks to technology, we now also fill online forms/applications. However, there is one part that always kept me thinking and that is, “Your Hobby”. I always knocked my brain to go creative with this answer, and most of the time, I filled the option “Others”, writing my hobby that wasn’t listed in the form. And here I write this blog-post for the students who are trying to find what more can be done as a hobby.

Let’s now don’t go verbose, and jump in to our point!
I have noticed, much of the time when I had to and still have to fill the forms, the only repeated hobbies that I’ve detected in options are swimming, dancing, and collecting stamps, writing and few others.

Going Creative

Everyone has different taste of doing different work. So first and foremost the important task is to find out what you really want to do as your hobby, because you are giving your time and energy to that activity or art!

Here are few examples of what could be done in extra-time (if you have) (esp. when you are in mood to explore more stuff apart from routine-study time).

1- Hobbies in Tech-World (Blogging, Poetry Writing etc.)

Living in super speedy world, where from social media platforms to online book publishing websites have changed the way we used to think about technology. Hobbies are acts/doings that we perform when we have some time to be spent on such as the acts that we would like to do, but can’t perform or do in daily routine when we are super-saturated with routine tasks. If it can be swimming – it can be blogging too. If it can be listening to music – it can be participating in online writing contests too.

If writing is the corner you would like to explore or you want to stand as a professional in this corner in times ahead, you can think of blogging then.

There is poetry writing and a lot more that could be done online or offline. Later when you have loads of pages with your writings on it, there is an opportunity to compile all (online or offline) and turn it into a book!

2- Photography

If one really wants to spend time with pictures or likes capturing moments with camera lens, photography can be another option. May be then in summer or winter vacations, you can have your photographs- exhibition.

3- Voluntary Services

If you have skills, talents, potentials that you would like to share with others, try finding ways to help others then!

4- Cycling

If being active, and doing physical work is your target – cycling could be an option!

5- Recycling

If resource-management is your interest, engaging in Recycling activities could be taken in consideration.


It all depends on your interest – what you really want to be doing? (Think. Do. and Do.)


Posted by: Hina Hazrat | January 3, 2014

BHYC – Broadening Youth Horizons Youth Camp

BHYC – Broadening Youth Horizons Youth Camp, the best 5 days one can only dream of. For 98 young people from diverse backgrounds, some from the city of lights – Karachi, some from the land where beautiful natural fragrance of sand is more common than flowers – Tando, some from corners of the place of monuments – Hyderabad, it became a life learning experience, and a perfect amalgamation of ingredients that drove them on ladder of success, leadership and achievements. Young people from Hunza, Chitral and Afghanistan made it the best example of Diversity!

Let’s go further. To facilitate a whole bunch of young people of ages between 14 – 17; we had a Facilitator, a.k.a Hitler, who travelled around 1313.04 kms (815.89 miles) from Dubai to Hyderabad to reach a podium where nearly 100 young people were gathering, communicating, meeting each other. It wasn’t as easy as it looks! When one’s finger prints are different from another, imagine how difficult it would be to breathe same air that 100 people are exchanging with one another. And here comes the role of the Facilitator, who with al ups and downs gets everyone united, makes them feel fresh, young, energetic, full of vigor, potential, and gives them a perfect threshold enabling them have activation energy right when needed. We love you our Trainer and Heart of BHYC, who pumped the right amount of blood everyday among BHYC’ians.

During five days, we shared our love for many different sessions!  However, we will never forget the session of Yasir and Chris from The Move Program, who stole hearts of BHYC Alumni, and yes we must mention that they were the first and the only people who received standing ovation from the BHYC’ians. Their video, words, activities, everything was amazing!

The Sketches – though being on international stages many times – they made us feel very comfortable (serene) with them. We can’t express how beautiful we felt being with The Sketches – their messages, songs, description of word SUFI and the Singing was simply Super Hit! Click HERE to watch The Sketches performing in Coke Studio.

The visit of Kyber, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Mausoleum, Lake Kainjar are typed in our long term memory already! No consolidation needed! J

It will be a never ending write up if we start penning down everything that happened during BHYC, but yes one thing is for sure that we must not forget few people who were very important and played a critical role during the journey of BHYC. Our Management Team, Dr. Hina, Dr. Amin, Mr. Karim – without you BHYC would have been like Garden without Flowers. Our Photographer, Mr. Zeeshan Bana – without you, we would not have been able to remember our memories forever. Thank you for capturing every single minute on your frame. But please share CD’s with us soon – or else our intestines will shrink that way! A big Thank You to our Super DJ, who gave our ears the right sound, our neurons – the right action potential to signal Dance Beats to brain and flow from spinal cord to our feet and hands! Let’s Move! J

We had 9 mentors during BHYC – Thank You! J

Thank You Hyderabad for all the love – and of course for the Sinus and Fever later – on!!!!


      A click from awesome times of BHYC!

BHYC – 25 – 29 Dec, 2013′ – Hyderabad, Sindh.

Posted by: Hina Hazrat | December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Posted by: Hina Hazrat | December 7, 2013

Some incredible facts about Tongue

Some incredible facts about tongue,

1.The tongue is the strongest muscle in your body in proportion to its size.
2. Close to fifty percent of the bacteria in the mouth lives on the surface of our tongue.
3. Human tongue has 3,000 taste buds.
4. It is the only muscle with taste sensors. A human has more bacterias in the mouth than a dog.
5. Like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue print is different.
6. Your tongue is germ free only if it is pink. If it is white there is a thin film of bacteria on it.
7. Not all our taste buds are on our tongue; about 10% are on the palette and the cheeks.
8. The tongue is the fastest healing part of the body.
9. A chameleon’s tongue is twice the length of its body.

“Wait a minute, there is one point missing; the top most weirdest fact is that it never gets tired albeit, being used so much in chain conversations between two girls”, claimed my younger brother with a smirking face. I counter-accused with a grin, “Ah! Conventional cliché”.

Posted by: Hina Hazrat | November 30, 2013

Using left over medicine from a friend’s shelf?

Zillion people when fall sick, don’t consult a physician. They prefer obtaining a medicine from their shelf or from their relatives shelf or may consult a neighbor who may be having some tablets left over from his previous illness. There is no doubt that right from your mother to my mother, from popular artist to your domestic servants everyone CAN FALL SICK! If someone is suffering from fever or cold, he or she may choose himself to prescribe medicine for his ailment voluntarily (do you agree?). I should rather say that almost everyone you meet has a best remedy for whatever ails you. Even the grand mothers have capacious prescription for any type of ailment. Give a call to your grand mom and see she would be having so much knowledge regarding the prescription of that respective disease!

Here, most of the people will agree that their prescription works well but the question is that how come you know that what is the proper dose required by your body? If you are being overdosed than the proper treatment may be delayed. On this note one doctor said, “Self medication can be fatal to ones immune system.” Taking this point under consideration once the immune system is abutted the result is welcoming other problems. People vary greatly in sensitivity to drugs, an appropriate dose for one person can be an overdose for another. Even skilled physicians are sometimes fail to avoid such reactions who are being unmasked to numerous patients all their life.

Today we all are crazy about taking medicine. While doing one survey in my society I came to know that 90 per cent of the people would like to take aspirin in the next instant after having minor headache. Researches have proved that using aspirin over a period of time can lead to many health issues. Now look into your pocket and count the number of aspirins you are having!!!

We consider that homeopathic medicines have no side affects but without knowing their nature and character we start using them as they are available cheaply and chiefly. What if a person is using something hypoglycemic tremendously, of course he would not be knowing the effect and will suddenly fall short of glucose thus having drastic symptoms. Why not to consult a physician if something ails you? Why not to spend little amount on something which might proves fatal if given crooked treatment? These are the questions at which we should give a deep thinking.

It was a year (according to my memory) before one of my friend had fungal infection on her hand, as it is contagious the rest of our group simply had the same infection. I suffered from that infection too, the girl who first went to physician prescribed her medicine to the rest and see everyone got well but I saw my fungal circle going bigger and than smaller and than bigger and bigger each day. First I thought of not consulting a physician because my friend was having a tube left over from her previous infection. Using that even increased the size of the infection. Than I consulted a dermatologist and told him all happenings and he advised me of not using the medicine from someones shelf even though you both are suffering from similar symptoms because everyone has different immunity level and different internal factors. Then he prescribed me CLOTRIM which had a unprecedented affect and the problem petered out. I wonder if any of the reader suffering from fungal infection might not use clotrim for his infection (please don’t do)!!!

The slack implementation of Drug Control is further deteriorating the surmounting situation of self medication. Certain medicines are available to a lay person without having any prescription and no one can deny that access to medicine is very easy (hope you agree). This is an earthshaking issue on which we all have to work and help our society by spreading awareness first at individual than at societal level.

Posted by: Hina Hazrat | November 13, 2013

Girls Lead – Towards Development of a Generation

Girl, a word made up of just four letters, holds such an amazing power, that it comes with meaning of Impacting Generation. Many times discussions on issues related to Girls face in Today’s world are seen bubbling in online media, the print media and others. However, I would like to make an effort to draw attention of the readers towards an important aspect of the other side of Girls Education, and the effect of gender discrimination it carries in long run.


As said, “When there’s a will, there’s a way”, I completely agree to this statement. Our elders say it more frequently that if you have passion to do something, you will find a way doing it. All you need is a “fire in the belly” as my father say! But what if the society and family have a right proportion of water to extinguish the fire? I say. What if a girl has all the required potentials to achieve her goals, but her surrounding don’t allow her to do so?, here comes the important role of family and society in Girls Lead, meaning that while in society or community or in family, the interdependence on each others not just really talk but also stays to be a full of impact factor in enabling girl be, what she wants to be.

From a point where we talk about girls’ education, I would like to divert attention of the readers to the real issue residing in our societies. Are we giving girls the right to choose what they want to have as their education? For many, the answer will be a No and may be for some, a big Yes. No doubt, with how much per cent the people say yes, I would say, the real issue after right to education comes right to choose what education a girl wants. Many families have already made a designed timeline for the girls education highlighting what degree the girl should have, more thinking of what if she opts some other field, no matter if she really wants to pursue it as a profession, we think what our society will say if she chooses this or that field not thinking how much she will excel if she really pursues it. Here comes a real obstacle in girls’ life when she is surrounded by many thick layers at such a young age, confined in a crescent shell where no qualities are checked, only commands must be followed; breathing within four walls, inhaling what she wants to do and exhaling what her family or society wants to see her to be!

Withstanding with many thoughts, the right to choose what to have in education is a matter of importance in one’s life, as it makes sure that the aptitude go parallel to the career one wants to pursue. And today I want to raise my voice for it!

Giving a suggestion that might prove healthy for many and helpful for the others, I am writing about importance of e-content including blogging, online platforms, as a tool for teaching girls to speak about their rights and issues that they face. Online activism has had the revolution in recent time in becoming the voice of many, including girls’ empowerment and girls’ right. We can also be a part of this journey, if we really want to amplify our voices of Girls Lead; we must learn how online platforms can help us achieve it.

Girls Rights are Human Rights. Girls are the equal part of society as men; they must be given the RIGHT to have their Rights. It is the time to understand to provide wings to our girls, letting them be what they want to be, taking their value to the level of equality with boys in the family, letting them have all required tools to achieve what they should, by not piercing their brains with gender discrimination in order to make sure Girls Really can Lead, and are Leading Already!

Posted by: Hina Hazrat | October 18, 2013

#IFWE Challenge

#IFWE Challenge is a social conversation contest to stimulate the most innovative world-changing dreams. Participation is very simple: think of how you’d like to change the world and write it down in the form of a short sentence starting with the words “#IFWE”.


By submitting your IFWE Dream, you will automatically enter for a chance to win prizes valued up to $12,000! Our jury of experts and dreamers will carefully select the top three submissions based on the criteria of sustainability, originality and feasibility.

Source and More details at: http://www.3ds.com/if-we/ifwe-challenge/how-to-participate/

Charter for Compassion launched Ramzan Challenge 2013, and fortunately I was its part. This is where my journey of “idea to impact started”!

Before I start my story, I would like to share a little about the Challenge. Ramzan Challenge is a strong attempt to teach young people about compassionate acts, and equip them with best opportunity of developing a social welfare project, thinking more closely about any effort holding a social impact with a clear sign of practicality & sustainability. The best inclusion involved, as named Ramzan Challenge, the designed project had to be implemented during the month of Ramzan. When I first heard about it, I went straight motivated to be its part and walked on the pathway of designing the project. For me the most difficult task was to brainstorm an Idea with Impact. After discussing with over a dozen people, I never stood satisfied with what I should be doing. After a long series of discussions, and recent inspiration from 350.org, our team designed the project with name, “Green EduCycle Zone” which comprised of series of implementation processes all bouncing in message of recycling, reusing and reducing, teaching schools different ways of recycling to generate in-house scholarships for the students and bring an essence for them to stay sensitive with environmental issues which are rising day by day. For apartments, it holds a message of awareness campaigns  to learn safe dustbin-management methods, online forum for the green kids, green students & green organizations to have voice amplified before world  and awareness of protective equipment for housekeeping staff. Though our idea looked not an easy one to be implemented, but as we believe compassion brings message togetherness, willingness and vision to make an attempt in order to help others.  We really took it the Challenge, as a Challenge and started putting efforts in making a part of it done.

On Aug 17, 2013, the most awaited day of Ramzan Challenge struck the calenders, and we had the Grand Finale where outstanding social welfare projects that were developed as a result of Ramzan Challenge were presented by the teams before renowned personalities from corporate sectors, audience and many young people. The projects were very much diverse, from cleaning school premises to providing books to students, it was a very nice blend of various projects adding more and more impact on the total compassionate actions of Ramzan Challenge.

The journey which started on June 29, 2013’ where our team participated in orientation session, ended with winning the Ramzan Challenge on August 17, 2013’ in the finale which was held in Karachi, Pakistan.

Along with Team “Green EduCycle Zone”, there were Runners up too, with projects name, “Ujala” and “Learning Mania”. My journey with Charter for Compassion, Ramzam Challenge has been beyond winning, it taught me a lesson of Compassion – which can drive us towards a better tomorrow and a peaceful world for all.


Winner & Runners Up at Ramzan Challenge 2013′

To learn more about CfC, join the Facebook Page HERE.

I support CfC, do you?

Important Note: Details of “Green EduCycle Zone” mentioned here are incomplete and are subjected to changes at any moment in future. Please wait for further details regarding Project before you make an attempt to post news anywhere on social media/blogs.


Posted by: Hina Hazrat | June 25, 2013

EXCITE Youth Event in Singapore

Over 150 guests descended on the Sustainable Living Kampung at Bottle Tree Park to witness students from six different tertiary institutions battle it out in the finale of DBS EXCITE! Youth Program, organized by Ground-Up InitiativeCEEMAN and Challenge:Future, supported by Youth in Action Program. Singapore is one of ten countries, and one of just two Asian countries apart from India, chosen to inspire young people to identify innovative solutions to address youth unemployment and create jobs for the future.

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 4.44.52 PM

The DBS EXCITE! programme — EXChange for Innovation, Technopreneurship and Entrepreneurship — is testimony to how the grassroots movement that GUI advocates is gaining international recognition. Minister K Shanmugam, Singapore’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Law and Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC, was Guest-of-Honour for this prestigious event.

Earlier this evening, eight groups pitched their ideas for starting up social enterprises and leading community initiatives. Six winning groups took home cash prizes sponsored by DBS. Ideas ranged from Online Fashion platforms, to Fortune Cookies for Neighbours or creating change through breakdance! The winning idea presented a model for building social and personal responsibility in a young person through specially designed programs for pets.

Commented Minister Shanmugam, “I am happy to see that this is a generation of youths who wish to make a social difference. Social enterprises play an important role in creating social impact and helping disadvantaged Singaporeans achieve self-reliance through employment and meaningful engagement. It is very heartening to see these DBS EXCITE! participants be motivated to start their own social enterprises, and I challenge even more of our youths to follow the lead and get involved in a community initiative or be part of a business with a clear sense of its social mission. ”

GUI’s Kampung Chief Tay Lai Hock added, “We have been focusing on building strong and connected communities by getting everyone to re-discover their connections with their roots and heritage. GUI also focuses on nurturing grounded leaders. Through the years, we have incubated three social enterprises at our premises, held volunteer programmes involving thousands of people in hundreds of educational institutions and private corporations, and even set out on international missions to spread the GUI way in India, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. This June, we are very honoured to be partnering with international heavyweights DBS and Challenge:Future to roll out DBS EXCITE! for students.”

One of the participants, Sarah Vong, reflected how she is now inspired “to be open to new things and try to adapt to situations, but not forget my roots as well.” Fellow participant Wei En concurred that he found the programme’s activities aspirational, and provoked soul searching. For him, the experience had “concretised and affirmed that design, creativity and technology could really be infused into social enterprises”.

Karen Ngui, DBS’ Head of Group Strategic Marketing & Communications said, “As a leading Asian bank, DBS is committed to building a better future for Asia and to be a force for good in the communities we are present in. Championing social entrepreneurship across the region is the centrepiece of our corporate social responsibility efforts. We are delighted to partner GUI on this initiative to inspire youths to develop possible solutions to address growing social challenges.”

Andreja Kodrin, President of Challenge:Future, said, “As a global think-do-tank, we are constantly scouting for ideas to equip students to create the future by creating opportunities. We have found GUI’s concept of DBS EXCITE! intriguing and refreshing in how it immerses students into the heart of social enterprises, inculcates them in the 5G values of being Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded, and Grateful, and finally encourages them to make meaningful decisions about their future. We feel what GUI does in Singapore could be a viable sustainable model that we can adopt back in Slovenia, and in the longer term, the entire Europe.

“This is the first time that Challenge:Future is engaging in Asia, and we are happy to see the strong response from these institutions as well as the support from our local sponsor, DBS.”

Participants were invigorated after the experience. Some said that they have realised the true meaning of entrepreneurship, which is “about humility, honesty, hard work, and a strong will”. Amirul, who helped a food stall owner pluck chillies in the second week, said that the experience made him “appreciate the hawkers, the people who prepare food more, for the sacrifice and love they put into their cooking”. Many others reflected that the experience gave them a “boost of confidence”, helped “break the awkwardness barrier”, and “develop more guts”.

The DBS EXCITE! programme is a month long event where each week revolves around entrepreneurial themes such as Walking in the Shoes of Social Enterprises, and Creating Our Future and Overcoming Challenges. This programme culminated in a “Kampung Cakap” (meaning “village talk” in Malay) on the last day, where participants aptly presented their solutions for solving challenges in their future. Video available here.

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 4.45.33 PM

For more information on the DBS EXCITE! programme, please visit:





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